WebSocket Connection

You can enable WebSocket backend communication by updating the connection value. This will improve performance and allow for full-duplex communication.

$ node osjs config:set --name=connection --value=ws
$ node osjs build:config

Note that static resources and file read/write operations are still performed over HTTP.

Broadcasting and Subscriptions

You can broadcast messages from the server to a client. Example:

// Server
const http = require(env.NODEDIR + '/http.js');
http.broadcastMessage(null, 'mynamespace', { // To everyone
  something: 'value'

http.broadcastMessage('anders', 'mynamespace', { // To a spesific user only
  something: 'value'

// Client
var conn = OSjs.Core.getConnection();
conn.subscribe('mynamespace', function(args) {
  console.log(args.something); // => 'value'

To send a raw message on your socket you can do:

var conn = OSjs.Core.getConnection();
  foo: 'bar'